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Rod Uy

Roderick Uy is the CEO and President of LifePoint Wealth Management, Inc. Rod’s company provides comprehensive, holistic, concierge, wealth management services to high net worth clients. This includes investment management, financial planning,business planning, charitable planning, retirement plan consulting, tax and estate planning services. He is the trusted advisor to a diverse group of businesses, individuals and their families. With over 24 years of experience, he also counsels corporations and large investors on a variety of business, economic and financial issues.

Rod first began honing his core principles and ethics from the young age of twelve. Rod was made responsible for running the household and its finances and was also overseeing his father’s import/export business in the Philippines. This experience rooted a strong ability to grasp intricate financial and business nuances.

Rod studied abroad with an emphasis on Business Management, Marketing & Communications. He served in the Armed Forces from 1978 - 1986 where he had a T3 clearance and worked on top secret communications projects at SAC, MAC, TAC, NORAD, and the Air Force Academy throughout the US, England, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and France. He managed Maintenance and Installation teams and created redundancies for top secret communication systems, which were instrumental for our national defense.

With his passion for music, at the age of seventeen, he owned/managed/DJ’d a multi-faceted mobile entertainment company. He employed, promoted and managed DJs, models, dancers, singers and worked at some of the most well-known, award winning night clubs in Europe such as the Paladium in London and in the US such as Studebaker’s, Neos, Confetti, Cowboys and Tiquana Yacht Club. This afforded him the opportunity to play alongside with world-renowned artists such as: The Chi-Lites, the Manhattans, the Temptations, Billy Paul, Prince, Styxx,and Kool & the Gang.

With his exceptional entrepreneurial skills, Rod restructured a struggling internet company from startup to completing the public offering. His ability to envision the end product and bring together diverse multiple components to fruition are instrumental reasons why Rod’s a successful financial advisor.

From his teens, Rod demonstrated strong managerial and organizational skills. His numerous experiences and continuous training enable him to adapt to the complexities of an ever-changing financial industry. He coordinates and works alongside a unique team of professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, real estate/mortgage brokers and appraisers, specifically for each individual client and business.

With unwavering ethics, Rod’s tenacious focus is serving his clients' best interests. His passion and relentless pursuit of excellence across every activity and a burning desire to learn, to grow intellectually and innovate are the driving principles behind LifePoint Wealth Management, Inc.

Rod believes strongly in relationships, family and giving back to the community. His philosophy for life is “never stop learning and growing to be the Best You Can.” Rod enjoys music, dancing, reading, working out, playing golf and spending time with his wife and four sons.