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Rod believes very strongly in family and giving back to the community. He knows that you've worked hard to achieve the life that you desire. He also wants to make a difference in the lives of your heirs, as well as find the most effective way to support the causes that you are passionate about and believe in. LifePoint Wealth Management, Inc. can help ensure that through philanthropy, you pass your wealth in a tax-efficient manner, offering the greatest benefit to your loved ones and to help you feel wonderful for the making a difference! 

Personal philanthropy should be a celebration of one's life, values and beliefs. Being in the position to give back to the community through charitable initiatives is highly rewarding, however, requires proper planning.

LifePoint Wealth Management, Inc. works with you to build an effective philanthropic road map, helping you and your family members to fully reap the joy, benefits and satisfaction that comes from your charitable passions.

Philanthropy planning includes:

  • Identifying and researching charitable organizations that are aligned with one's value system and close to your hearts.
  • Establishing the proper philanthropic entity or structure (this can include private family foundations , charitable trusts, community foundations and venture philanthropy).
  • Providing the management and administration of the philanthropic entity.

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