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Our Unique Approach


LifePoint Wealth Management, Inc.'s Asset Management strategy is centered on goals-based investing. Our goals-based investment process helps clients identify their goals and set priorities based on their investing time frame and personal circumstances. It's a holistic approach that helps clients pursue their goals and grow confidence, even in stormy market conditions. Goals-based investing focuses on active asset allocation, is designed to manage investment risk in relation to a goal and provides access to third-party specialist managers. The Family Office team at LifePoint Wealth Management, Inc. wants our client's final destination to be financial wellness. 

Our unique approach leads the client through a strategic process where we build a portfolio to meet their expected outcomes. Your strategy will be:

  • Tactical - with an objectives based portfolio designed to weather shifts in market conditions.
  • Dynamic - with active portfolio management that helps exploit opportunities and helps mitigate risks.
  • Unique - as your customized portfolio strategies are tied to pursuing your specific goals and intention

Tactical allocation may involve more frequent buying and selling of assets and will tend to generate higher transaction cost. Investors should consider the tax consequences of moving positions more frequently. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.


LifePoint Wealth Management, Inc. will implement goals-based investing that will strive to produce results under all possible conditions. Our investment strategy will include:

  • Growth Goals - This is a long term strategy where growth investing exposes clients to  the many opportunities and risks that the market offers. It may lower the chance of outliving your assets.
  • Stability Goals - Goal-based investments are designed to adjust the risk profile in stormy markets conditions. Stability is crucial and vital for intermediate-term goals.
  • Income Goals - When clients need to meet income goals, like funding daily expenses in retirement, your assets should be shielded from the hazards of a potentially rough market. By preserving income-producing assets while balancing with moderate growth investments, you may be able to out pace inflation.
  • Why Goals-based Investing? Goals-based investing can help investors remain calm when the markets challenge their patience and help curb counterproductive behavior. Investment in a portfolio that's responsive to market changes helps to lower anxiety.


LifePoint Wealth Management, Inc. is interested in far more than finding the next great investment opportunity. We want to ensure that all the assets in your portfolio are individually customized for your goals and to support and create the vision you have.

As a valued client with LifePoint Wealth Management, Inc. you may take advantage of: